Marine Captain Kalani Creutzburg battles with suicide, homelessness, prescription drugs, and depression until he finds a way back toward wholeness with a new mission to guide his civilian journey.


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Divorced, suicidal, and homeless, Marine Captain Kalani Creutzburg experiences transformation through emotionally authentic healing circles. Kalani attends a Healing Warrior Hearts retreat in Milwaukee, WI., then uses his introduction to “healing work” to uncork his long bottled-up feelings and guide him toward a new mission in life – serving homeless Veterans.  Back home in San Diego, he organizes his own circle of support with fellow Veterans.  Finally, to fulfill his vision of establishing a permanent home for homeless Veterans he undertakes a brutal 225-mile trek to raise money to buy a working ranch.

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Kalani’s pursuit of personal growth, working to move as far away as possible from his dark closet, took him into new ventures. After successfully starting the Cammies & Canines nonprofit, he went from helping the homeless to now building homes. Kalani started a for-profit company called ADU Geeks which is a network of professionals helping homeowners build tiny homes in backyards (ADU is short for Accessory Dwelling Unit). He orchestrates architects, draftsmen, contractors, and realtors to work together under one goal:  helping homeowners build wealth by streamlining the financing, designing, permitting, building, and leasing phases of constructing an ADU. The one-stop-shop he’s created for homeowners isn’t entirely about ADUs though, for Kalani it’s also about creating job opportunities.

Kalani knows he’s not entirely out of the woods yet with regards to his PTSD. He continues to work with the VA regularly and attends all his follow up appointments. On February 3, 2020, Kalani learned that he suffers from alcoholism and has been working with the VA regularly to address the issue. As of June 15, 2020, Kalani is 133 days sober, has a sponsor, and is actively working the 12 steps. We’re very proud of Kalani’s successes. We understand and appreciate that his achievements could not have come without his fierce willingness to battle his inner demons.