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Full Veterans  Journey Home Series

This five film series tells a different kind of “Hero’s Journey” than the one the public is used to. This journey requires a different kind of bravery, not facing bullets and IEDs, but facing tears of anguish and loss, facing acceptance of extreme fear, facing rage at betrayal, facing paralyzing self-doubt and shame, facing judgments of self-hatred – requiring a willingness to face trauma in all its forms, regardless of source, and to use it as a vehicle for growth.

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Kalani’s Story
(30 min)

Marine Captain Kalani Creutzburg experiences transformation through emotionally authentic healing circles.
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(15 min)

The philosophical underpinning to the entire five part series. The greatest minds highlight community-based, non-medicalized solutions for Veterans returning home.
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On Black Mountain
(49 min)

22 women Veterans transform through a 4 month meditation/mindfulness based healing retreat.
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Ben’s Story
(53 min)

A former Army Paratrooper and sniper, challenged by suicidal ideation, divorce, and alcoholism, fights to reconnect with his family and resume a place of leadership in civilian society.
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Leaving it on the Land
(100 min)

12 suicidal Veterans undergo an ancient 12 day Vision Fast ceremony – out in the wilderness with minimal shelter, fasting, alone – seeking transformation.
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We highlight some of the best organizations serving Vets today: Healing Warrior Hearts, Cammies and Canines, Veteran Rites, Veterans Path, and others. Audiences and Veterans themselves learn that there are multiple non-medicalized, non-pathologizing support and healing modalities available to them. No one program or modality is better or worse than another. One size does not fit all. The key is that each Veteran finds his or her way to getting whatever support they need to free themselves from a mindset of service to accepting a new role of leadership in civilian society.



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