Caught between a macho past and a feminist future, adolescent boys are not being initiated and mentored into rounded, emotionally expressive, mature masculinity by adult men. This mini-series also tells the stories of three 15 year old boys over nine months. Though different across race and class, these boys, in shockingly similar ways, aren’t succeeding. Boys to Men? hints at the dire consequences.

The NY Times says there’s “A National Crisis of Boyhood.” In Newark, NJ, 32 boys aged 15-16, different across race, class, and culture, gathered to discuss violence, anger, girls, homophobia, masculinity, and coming manhood. Direct, candid, and articulate, they reveal how it feels to be a male teen today.

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“Dozens of poignant moments… unflinching… a real-life glimpse into the emotional turmoil of modern teenagers.”
– Peggy McGlone, NJ Star-Ledger

“This cinematically brutal and honest series takes a close-up look at the boys’ problems … Although no easy answers are provided, the programs include thoughtful questions for classroom or other group discussion.”
– Edie Ching, BOOKLIST