Veterans Journey Home is available to be purchased as a series or individually, depending on your objectives and audience. You may wish to screen the films in front of a live audience or virtually. They are well suited to public screenings at colleges, libraries and civic organizations seeking to explore and highlight the challenges Veterans face. Companies with Veteran Employee Groups may wish to show them to build awareness, understanding and community growth. Veteran organizations will find the films an important complement to a conference or meeting as they provide moving testimonials to the power of Veterans’ resilience.  In sum, anyone wishing to honor the service of Veterans will benefit their audience by screening the films.

Offerings: The Veterans Journey Home team is available to assist in creating talkback sessions with the film’s director and film cast members and will help organize live panel discussions with trauma counselors, thought leaders and veteran support organizations. Additionally, the team can help market the film-screening event by providing posters, press kits, and related collateral. 

Every film in the series is already an award winner! 4 “Best Doc” Awards, 30 festival screenings.

“As a former military dependent of 21 years (Navy doctor’s daughter and Air Force Wife)
and a former sufferer of PTSD for six years due to violent crime victimization,
I want to personally thank you for this!” 

– Kimberly Toms, Founder Hero Film Festival.

About the Five Films

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  1. Solutions: The introduction and philosophical underpinning of the entire five-part series. The greatest minds in Veterans’ healing highlight community-based, non-medicalized solutions for Veterans returning home. (15 minutes)
  2. Ben’s Story: A former Army Paratrooper and sniper, challenged by suicidal ideation, divorce, and alcoholism, fights to reconnect with his family and resume a place of leadership in civilian society. (53 minutes) (Trailer coming soon!)
  3. Kalani’s Story: Divorced, suicidal, and homeless, Marine Captain Kalani Creutzburg experiences transformation through emotionally authentic healing circles. (30 minutes)
  4. On Black Mountain: Twenty-two women Veterans transform through a 4-month meditation/mindfulness-based healing retreat. (49 minutes)
  5. Leaving it on the Land: Twelve Veterans undergo an ancient 12-day Vision Fast ceremony – out in the wilderness with minimal shelter, fasting, alone. (100 minutes)

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You provide the venue, discussion moderator, and assist in promotion. Warrior Films provides the films along with a Discussion Guide. Additionally, a Marketing Packet will be provided with editable posters,
fliers, social media posts, photos, and postcard templates.

Community Group 75-200 Marketing and Discussion Materials $150 
Private Organization 25-75 $250 
Higher Education Institution 75-300 $500 
General Public 200-500 $1,000 
Seminar 500-1200 Marketing and Discussion Material with Producer or Director  one hour prior or post screening


Plus Travel
& Expenses 

Seminar Feature 500-1200 Marketing and Discussion Material with Producer or Director one hour prior to screening and post 30-minute Q&A


Plus Travel
& Expenses 

Conference 1200 and above Marketing and Discussion Material with Producer or Director and Subject  one hour prior or post screening


Plus Travel
& Expenses 

Conference Feature 1200 and above Marketing and Discussion Material with Producer or Director and Subject one hour prior to screening and panel discussion participation


Plus Travel
& Expenses