Veterans Journey Home tells a different story of soldiers returning from war. American veterans stories of struggle to transition back to civilian life with PTSD, addiction, and suicide rates much higher than the general population. Soldiers retuning home need “reverse boot camp.” This veteran documentary short film focuses in the new brand of American bravery: bravery to face anguish and loss, fear and rage, paralyzing self-doubt, shame, and even self-hatred.

Focused on the daily struggles faced by men and women returning from combat, this documentary will help average citizens, veterans, and their families to understand there are multiple healing modalities available to offer support and compassion. Every returning war vet needs to tell their story in a safe, non-judgmental arena witnessed by beloved family, friends, and everyday citizens. They need to experience cathartic emotional release of their moral injuries before they’ll be able to resume productive lives as citizens. We’ll highlight the best people, practices, and programs doing the work necessary to support vets in accomplishing this healing.



What I know is that we are our brother’s keepers, and none of us are going to get out of “this” unless all of us get out of “this” – and your film is all about that….taking the shadow off the shoulders of the soldier and bringing that shadow back into our communities and country where we can all hold it together, share the burden, and walk it into the light. — Barbara Whiteside Crary


U.S. Marine Captain

U.S. Army Ranger Captain Matthew Griffin


Dr. Gabriella Lettini




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