You might have seen this recent story in USA TODAY about the subjects we’re looking to film for It’s YOUR Wonderful Life!

We’re aiming to film dying people who fit one or more of these parameters:

  • Men of any age
  • Adults under 40
  • Children 5-12 (obviously, only with parental approval)
  • Teens 13-19 (obviously, only with parental approval)
  • Veterans
  • Prisoners serving life sentences who are considered elder/leaders of their prison community

Since death confronts us all, we want to capture as many different ages, races, religious and spiritual beliefs and non-beliefs, genders and non-genders, indigenous traditions, and varied people as possible.  We’ll go anywhere in the world to shoot the right story!  If you can put us in direct contact with the subjects themselves, great.  You can reach us at [email protected].