“FREDERICK MARX SELLS OUT!”  Well, maybe not exactly.  But I am making accommodations for decreased attention spans. We’re now in the process of putting much of our content into “hacks” that people can read in five minutes.  Yep, a lifetime of creativity reduced to five minute chunks.  Some hacks helpfully point out just how many hours you’ll save by NOT reading the book.  Can’t wait to make one for Hoop Dreams. “Don’t watch the movie and you’ll save 2 hours and 50 minutes!” Woo-hoo!

You can find our first crop of hacks on Uptime. Just download the app and search for the book or title and you’ll find:

  • My Google Talk entitled Living Your Life’s Purpose
  • An excerpt from my 3rd book entitled Bachelorhood 101
  • A summary of my 2nd book Rites to a Good Life
  • Excerpts from my 1st book At Death Do Us Part

I guess giving people an introduction is better than nothing…

We’re launching a crowdfunding campaign in 2 weeks for our newest film IT’S YOUR WONDERFUL LIFE!  and we need volunteers for as little as 1-2 hours a week to help spread the word on social media, making short PR videos, researching websites, and more.  Please reach back to us at [email protected], subject line “I want to help!”  Or just click on the image above. There’ll be goodies in it for you too!