Dear Friends,

My new book Rites to a Good Life: Everyday Rituals of Healing and Transformation is now released in paperback, kindle, and audiobook!

I offer a definitive guide on how to think about and restore practices of ritual healing to everyday contemporary life. Poised in the middle of a conversation between the ancient past and the present-day, I translate indigenous wisdom practices into the needs and realties of our present-day world.

You won’t want to miss the preface from world-renowned Buddhist writer and teacher Jack Kornfield.

In the final chapter, I discuss the upheavals during 2020-2021’s Planetary Rite of Passage (Covid, the economy, Black Lives Matter, and political turmoil). I help clarify what’s happening and the opportunity that exists for all of us to create positive change.

Humanity is now at a crucial crossroads. And I believe this book is needed more than ever.

I hope you’ll purchase the book today. In addition to being among the first to get a copy, you’ll boost the book’s ranking and help it reach more people.

Our goal is to put the book in the hands of many. In doing so, we can begin to collectively nourish our hearts and minds with wisdom for the journey to come.

Will you join with me?

Here’s what you can do:

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See you on the wisdom trail!