Vets Stories – Bill

By September 14, 2016April 12th, 2021Blog, Vets Stories
Bill Bobbitt ride his motorcycle with his son, Mike.

Bill (L) (4 years, 2 months, Army) riding his Honda Rebel in Mount Vernon, WA with is son Mike (R) (30 years, retired Air Force)

We would like to share with you our first submission in our Veterans Journey Home veteran stories campaign:

Bill: “Over the next 45 years I tried to find normalcy, but it was hard. I constantly moved, changed jobs and bounced through relationships looking, hoping that the next place, the next relationship or the next job would accept me and give me what I thought I was missing. I made unrealistic promises to my children as they were growing up in hopes that they would accept me and I could be what they needed. I failed miserably. One of my children refused for years to forgive me for my failed promises. I tried to understand it all, but many times the depression became more than I could handle. I would run away again, to a new job or to a new location….”

You can read Bill’s full story:
Bill has also written a poem:

We want to hear more of your stories-your experiences with PTSD or moral injury. Send us your story by e-mail at [email protected] or by Facebook messenger. You may submit your story anonymously. Your story will help others in need. #VeteransJourneyHome