The journey has begun.  We started shooting our next doc on Life Honoring Celebrations called It’s YOUR Wonderful Life!  Why wait until our loved ones are dead before we say all the beautiful things about them that need to be said? We honor them after they’re gone when it benefits us only somewhat and them not at all. All our relations, not just familial, become further impoverished by not engaging the reality of death. We lose untold precious opportunities to deepen intimacy and share the truth in our hearts.  We suffer as community.  What if the coming of death could be made into a celebration of life?  That’s what we’re yearning to prove possible.

Click here to watch the trailer!

Let us know if someone you love may be dying and open to us filming a community celebration of their life. Since death confronts us all, e want to capture as many different ages, races, religious and spiritual beliefs and non-beliefs, genders and non-genders, indigenous traditions, and varied people from around the world as possible. Drop us a line at [email protected]

And speaking of death and dying… Join us in Baja at the end of April if you want to overcome your fears around it.  Sign up here or click on the photos.  Here’s what you’ll experience…


Not only is the Beaufort International Film Festival rapidly becoming my all-time favorite festival, Beaufort itself is becoming a home away from home.  It’s the perfect place to be in late February – great weather, great people, great food, great hospitality, great environs.  We won our 2nd award there in two years – “Best Short Doc” for Veterans Journey Home: Kalani’s Story.  Last year it was Veterans Journey Home: Leaving it on the Land.  I’m entering Veterans Journey Home: On Black Mountain for next year.  Those three films have now won 11 festival awards to date.  Though I certainly don’t expect to win next year, I do hope to be back!  Stay tuned!