More good news from Kenya – teen boys initiated by tribal elders into manhood.  It’s no accident all these positive stories about teen initiations come from Africa – where the process itself might have begun.  My aim is to see stories like this on TV news in the USA in my lifetime!

For about a year now, Frederick Marx has been meeting with a wonderful group of writers at the Flower Farm Cafe in Loomis, CA. From all different walks of life, this diverse group meets weekly to discuss their writing challenges, latest works, and all manner of related contemporary issues.

A first edition featuring self-selections from some of the groups work – poems, short stories, essays, memoir, and philosophical musings – is now available to the public at

For his part, Frederick chose to include the final chapter from his second book Rites to a Good Life called “Covid-19 and our Planetary Rite of Passage.” The book is available at

The whole writing group is doing a live public reading at the Flower Farm Cafe Sunday January 29 at noon.

Singer/songwriter Shan Carballo took a poem that my old Newark friend Diane Leslie Kaufman, MD wrote and turned it into a soulful anti-suicide plea: Hold On.

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